Call           Your MLA

Stop Bill 15.

Alberta’s public education system—and our children and their futures—are under attack. It’s that simple.

Recently, the Minister of Education opened up a whole new front on this attack by introducing Bill 15, which will remove professional functions from the ATA. We cannot allow her to do that. She is only pushing this agenda to distract Albertans from her government’s missteps and inability to manage the education file.

The plan to divide the teaching profession will destabilize the system and destroy the culture that has made Alberta one of the best performing public education systems in the world.

It’s time for MLAs to hear from you.

Help us turn up the pressure. Call your MLA and demand the government to stop Bill 15 and back off their plan to dismantle Alberta’s teaching profession.

In Alberta, public education refers to schools operated by Alberta’s public, separate, and Francophone school divisions.

Key Talking Points:

  • The Minister was handed a golden opportunity to lead one of the world’s top-performing jurisdictions when it comes to K–12 education. And instead of supporting it and fostering it, she has delivered nonstop attacks intended to weaken and destabilize it.
  • The Association has a firm, but fair process that has successfully and effectively handled teacher discipline in this province for over 85 years.
  • Teachers and the public share a common interest to ensure that students are protected and high standards of conduct are maintained. The ATA has always taken this work very seriously and acted with integrity.
  • This is a sad effort to distract from the government’s infighting and the minister’s own inability to handle the education file.
  • This is a vindictive attack on the teaching profession from a desperate government that frankly is in no position to question the integrity of others.
  • In regards to that Calgary teacher, the Association did the exact job it was tasked with doing and they were the only ones to do so. As a result of the ATA’s processes, this teacher was removed from the profession and never taught again.