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Stop dangerous changes to Alberta’s public education.

Alberta’s public education system—and our children and their futures—is under attack. It’s that simple.

Recently, the minister of education opened up a whole new front on this attack by introducing Bill 15, which will remove professional functions from the ATA. She is only pushing this agenda to distract Albertans from her government’s missteps and inability to manage the education file.

The plan to reform the teaching profession will destabilize the system and destroy the culture that has made Alberta’s one of the best performing public education systems in the world.

We cannot allow her to do that. It’s time for your MLA to hear from you.

Help us turn up the pressure. E-mail your MLA and demand that the government stop Bill 15 and back off its plan to dismantle Alberta’s teaching profession.

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Have questions about how making these changes to the ATA would impact public education? Click here.

In Alberta, public education refers to schools operated by Alberta’s public, separate and francophone school divisions.