Stand For Education

Alberta’s public education system is under attack. A problematic draft curriculum, funding cuts, growing class sizes—the Alberta government is making dangerous changes and children’s wellbeing and their futures are at risk. We need to make sure public education is represented in the 2022 provincial budget.




Funding Cuts

When they were elected, the UCP promised more funding to schools. Instead we’ve seen funding cuts. The government is leaving school boards to make hard choices while costs rise. 

We need to make sure the 2022 budget increases funding for schools. Otherwise, we’ll continue to see the same impacts:

  • Teaching positions and education support workers are being cut.
  • Programs are being eliminated and supports for students are eroding.
  • Schools are in need of repairs and maintenance.
  • Resources are old and out of date. 

All of this puts our children’s education at risk.

Learn more about funding cuts to public education.

Larger Class Sizes

The government has stopped tracking and reporting on class sizes, resulting in classes growing larger. 

Our large classes also have large numbers of students with specialised learning needs and second language learners included in them. As teachers try to manage more students with higher needs, every child is left at a disadvantage, with a disproportionate impact on kids who are vulnerable. Larger class sizes also lead to an increased spread of COVID-19, as children are crowded together. Students under 12 are unvaccinated—they are incredibly vulnerable.


Even though the Alberta government is halting the implementation of part of their draft curriculum, they are still going ahead with the English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Wellness curriculums. The draft curriculum, coming into full force in September 2022, still is hugely problematic:

  • It was developed without meaningful consultation with curriculum, subject matter, or education experts.
  • It is overloaded with too much irrelevant information and learning outcomes that lack high academic standards for younger children.
  • It features a dated approach to technology, raising the risk that Albertan graduates will be unprepared for the changing world.
  • No resources, like textbooks, have been provided, and there has been no guidance given about how to provide assessments on learning.

What’s more, it is unclear how the subjects of the draft curriculum that have been sent back to the drawing board – Social Studies, Science and Fine Arts – will be redeveloped. Teachers must be full partners in the development of any new curriculum for students in Alberta.

Alberta is a world leader in education. Now—thanks to funding cuts, class sizes and the dangerous new curriculum—that is at risk.


Teachers Have No Say

Teachers have not been included in the new curriculum development. They must be. Educators have the knowledge and experience to give input to what they’re teaching—to ensure that every student has a proper education and the support they need. 

The drafting of the new curriculum has largely been political. Politicians and the Premier’s friends drafted it—teachers and curriculum experts were not appropriately consulted or asked for feedback. 

95% of school districts have refused to pilot it. The teachers that are testing it out have not been provided resources or textbooks to teach. Now, admitting failure, the government is sending parts of the curriculum – Social Studies, Science and Fine Arts – back to the drawing board. But many important subjects are still planned to be rolled out in classrooms in September 2022.

The full draft curriculum must be scrapped. Teachers must be full partners in the development of a new curriculum. 

Politicians aren’t teachers and education should never be politicised. It’s time for the government to get back to treating teachers like professionals and working with them instead of against them.

Alberta’s Future Is At Risk

If we want Alberta to continue to be diverse and innovative, then we need a diverse and innovative education for our children. Alberta is a leader in education. We can’t let our children be left behind.

Education benefits everyone, and the future of our province is at stake. We want young families with children to move to Alberta. With the attack on education, we risk families leaving Alberta for a better education. If we want Alberta to innovate and grow, public education is the first step. 

The world is changing fast, and we need to make sure our students are well equipped for the future. These children are the future leaders of our province—we need to put them first.



Take a stand with us—tell the government to put children first in our public education system.



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